Note to Upgraders: You must uninstall any previous version first, before upgrading!
Because Microsoft did not support the above listed operating systems with the .NET Framework 2.0, this is the last Rad Pro Calculator version that worked with pre-Windows 98 operating systems.  It is not nearly as sophisticated as the current version but it was and still is a useful tool, and if you operate under legacy Windows systems, this is your only Rad Pro Calculator choice.  It has conversions, decay, U-Pu grams, inverse square law and gamma dose-rate.  The gamma dose-rate calculator has a limited list of isotopes, no shielding calculations and uses the rule-of-thumb Ci=6CEN formula rather than the sophisticated fluence-rate formulas used by versions 2.xx.  It does however do multiple energy 6CEN and it gets you in the ballpark for most medium energy isotopes.  If you read the version history file, any upgrades beyond 1.95, this version does not have.  It requires the .NET Framework 1.1.  If you do not have it, a link to Microsoft is provided below the download button.
I had to abandon skins. This version works with all 64 bit Windows systems andy 32 bit systems. 64 bit O/S usually already has all of the prerequisites, but for legacy systems, you may have to download the .NET framework 2.0. Search for your O/S and .NET framework 2. If you get errors, on Windows XP especially, download and install this file   Windows 98 SE - Windows 10: all 32 bit or 64 Bit O/S Download Choices
System Requirements

Minimum Requirements: Windows 98 SE through Windows 10 with Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP1. Visual C++ 2005 Runtime 8.0

Optional Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or higher (to display help file and papers). Microsoft Excel 2002(XP) or higher (for Excel Functions).
Known Issues

No known current issues at this time.
Current Version: 3.26, 5/24/2009 (Improved installation package, 6/23/2009) Rad Pro Calculator for Desktop PCs Download Option Page


For those needing portability, Rad Pro for Desktop works with Windows 8.1/10 tablets. Will not work with Surface tablets running Windows RT.
Click This Link for the C++ Runtime Click This Link for Rad Pro Calculator Desktop Revision History List Click Here to Get the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Windows 10 TESTED (also non-RT tablets with Windows 8.1)   Click Image to View Full Size
Rad Pro Calculator 1.95 Legacy Version for Windows 95 and Windows NT    


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