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Ci/g Calculated Fuel Specific ActivityNote: These calculations ignore the small presence of U-236 from recycled uranium which is why the sum of the 3 masses is slightly different from the entered total mass.TBqTBqTBq Calculated U-238 ActivityCalculated U-235 ActivityCalculated U-234 Activity kilograms Calculated U-238 Mass kilogramsCalculated U-235 Masskilograms Calculated U-234 MassSelect Activity UnitsSelect Mass Units           Mass % - U-235Enter EnrichmentkilogramsEnter MassSelect Mass Units Uranium Fuel Loading Calculations
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These uranium fuel loading calculations are based on the empirical data formulas developed for the uranium enrichment calculator.  These calculations are mainly used by nuclear engineers during reactor design.  Although they are not a typical radiation protection calculation, the calculator is included by special request from nuclear engineers.  To see and read more about the enrichment formulas, read the white paper on this site available by clicking the "Documents/U Enrichment" button.