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This calculation is nearly impossible to do to any high level of accuracy due to the variability in x-ray devices. The target material, target angle and even small things like tube head plate spacing manufacturing tolerances all can make a large difference in the output of a device. This calculator is provided to give engineers a ball park approximation to aid in tasks related to x-ray devices. Two methods are available, using empirical data from the British Standard BS 4094-2-1971 and using known device output. The shielding equations are standard shielding equations utilizing buildup factors. The standard recommends against this, but we provided it to you as another approximation calculation. It should always overestimate the amount of shielding required because e-max for the tube head is used when in reality the device produces an entire energy spectrum from lower energies up to e-max. We have been assured that many people use the standard in their planning and calculations, so this calculator saves you the time of looking up the data on the graphs in BS 4094-2-1971. Beware also that if you use manufacturer provided data from a factory manual, that is an average number because different tubes of the same model have different outputs because of manufacturing tolerance differences.
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